J. Choate Parker, a native Texan, attended the National University of Mexico, Mexico City, and the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. At the University of Texas he obtained a BA degree in Latin American Studies and a MS in Social Work, Community Organizing and Planning. Before leaving the Army in 1969, he flew extensively in Colombia, Panama, Korea, and Vietnam. Durring La Violencia in Colombia, the Colombian Air Force awarded him the title of Piloto Honorario. In Vietnam, logging more than 300 helicopter combat flying hours, he earned a Bronze Star and a promotion to Major. Mr. Parker worked as a military journalist for the Texas Army National Guard. His poetry has appeared in various publications. In 1995 and in 2000, his poems,
Memories, and Looking At The Family Album Time won honorable mention in the WRITERS' Journal summer and spring, respectively, poetry contests.